NAC Kids Olympics

When: June 14th, 2014
Where: Chelsea Piers
Time: 1:30-4:30 PM

600 to 800 NAC children and families are expected to attend the 9th Annual NAC Kids Olympics. In addition, approximately 200 community and corporate volunteers will help to make this event an extra special day for NAC children. The activities of the day will include everything from relay races (with and without wheelchairs) to rock-climbing, to soccer and gymnastics. Many of the children who will be competing in the Olympic games have multiple disabilities and/or developmental delays; others use wheelchairs or have limited mobility. All children attending the NAC Olympics will receive an Official NAC Kids Olympics t-shirt, and a medal.  Click here to read about our 6th annual NAC Kids Olympics.

The activities planned enable NAC’s special children to overcome physical and mental obstacles, meet new challenges and build self-esteem; as well as experience team spirit and healthy competition, get lots of exercise, and, most importantly, have a memorable and fun day as parents and friends cheer them on. The NAC Kids Olympics makes a real, positive and measurable impact on the lives of our children.

Most of NAC’s children are living in poverty; many have had more surgeries than birthdays; and too many have lived the first years of their life in sterile hospital wards, not out of medical necessity but because their families could not care for them at home. Regardless if they come in first place or not, June 14th will be a day when all of NAC’s children are champions!

To inquire about volunteering for the NAC Kids Olympics or to sponsor the event, contact Gajtana Simonovski, Director of Volunteers and Community Relations at or 212-696-1550.

NAC Facts

  • NAC serves 1,400 children and their families annually
  • NAC has virtually eliminated foster care recidivism and aging-out of foster care
  • NAC prevents the placement of children in foster care for 98-99% of families served in Preventive Services

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